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DataLab, is a global BPO outsourcing company based in Chennai, India. We serve any small to large business from across the world operating in variety of industries with both B2B & B2C services.

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Our Services

Database Management

Data Management

The large chunk of raw data that is collected from companies , which is stored and analyzed through various means which can be utilized by organizations to increase their efficiency and take better decisions.

Accounting Services

Accounting Services

Accounts Service is a D-Bus service for accessing the list of user accounts and information attached to those accounts. Accounts Service has been developed in and is used by the GNOME project but should be usable in other desktops.

HR Outsourcing

HR Outsourcing

HR outsourcing is the process of sub-contracting human resources functions to an external supplier. Reviews of business processes have led many organizations to decide that it makes business sense to sub-contract.


What does we provide

Experienced Staffs


We work closely with organizations of all sizes to develop tailored, customized training, activation support and content solutions that meet the high KnowledgeStaff standard.

24 hour Service

24 hour Service

We provide 24 hours of Business Process Outsourcing which enables your business to reduce the burden of work and concentrate on other core aspects of their operation.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

We are looking forward to become the most trusted and cost effective outsourcing company and enhance our services to provide it to more and more customers.